My name is Casey Broughton. This blog is maintained as a smattering of posts about life events, pieces I have written for school, and original compositions. You may find the archives especially of interest, as I feel that they demonstrate how my writing has improved over the years (or so I would hope).

I currently work for Apex Geomatics as an ad-hoc technician/guy who fixes things.

I have previously worked for BlueBird Business Consulting as a social media guru/consultant/web coder/guy who posts things.

I have a reasonable experience in Facebook Pages, Hootsuite, and content research, as well as some experience in HTML code repair and network administration. My focus is generally on Apple products, but I am capable of basic support and network infrastructure setup and maintenance for Windows machines.

If you are interested in contacting me about work in any of these capacities, please email me at work@caseybroughton.ca.

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