Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kelowna ATIS "Merry Christmas"

Earlier this evening, I was listening to the Kelowna ATIS phone line (yes, I have odd hobbies; its at 250-491-0310 if you're interested) when I was surprised to hear it say "Merry Christmas". Naturally, I recorded this event, and have embedded it below, along with a transcript.

From the description:

This was taken around 20:00 local time from the CYLW (Kelowna International)ATIS phone line (250-491-0310) on Christmas Day, 2013. I am an avid ATIS listener, as my school is near the airport and I need the weather readings, and was surprised to hear the ATIS say "Merry Christmas". I therefore recorded it on my iPhone via a cable to my computer for posterity.


Kelowna Airport, Information Quebec
Weather at Zero Three Two One Zulu
Automated Observation
Wind One Four Zero at Six
Visibility Niner
Niner Hundred broken
One Thousand Four Hundred overcast
Temperature Zero
Dew point Minus One
Altimeter Three Zero Three Eight
IFR approach ILS DME runway One Six
Active, runway One Six
Runway surface condition at Zero Three Zero One Zulu
One Hundred Percent bare and wet
Chemical Applied
Merry Christmas
Inform ATC that you have information Quebec

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