Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have a different kind of meditation. Some people find a calm place, and sit down and try to relax. I meditate with music, outside at recess at Aberdeen Hall. I relax using music that inspires me and makes me think, punctuated by music that I really like and makes me happy. That is my meditation, my relaxation. Sometimes I watch from above and see people sitting, running, and playing below. Other times I go down and walk around with slow, measured steps. I see that world punctuated with a soundtrack of my choosing, like a silent film. It wouldn't be "meditation" any other way. I have started a playlist of the songs that provoke this mood in me, called "Recess". Here are some of the songs that I listen to, along with explanations about why they make me feel that way (in no particular order):

Raise Your Glass by P!nk: Fast-paced for the most part and energetic, one line resonates with me:
"So if you're too school for cool,
And you're treated like a fool,
You can choose to let it go
We can always, we can always,
Party on our own"

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That: This song was used back in 2008 (and again this year) to advertise Discovery Channel's Shark Week. When I first heard it in the ad, I was in Washington, DC, visiting my biological father. Hearing it again makes me remember those times.

Sway by the Cast of Glee: I like the music and the style of singing in this song. It feels like a Tango.

F**kin' Perfect by P!nk: I can relate to this song, and the story within. I have bad times, but that doesn't mean I'm not perfect.

Dream On by the Cast of Glee: I used to wake up to this song. It is slow but fast at the same time. I like the mixture of the drums, guitars, and bass in the music. The lyrics are also energizing.

Hotel California by the Eagles: I like the story in this song, as well as the music.

Bad Day by Daniel Powter: I have had my share of bad days, but I like how this song stays positive even though the unknown person is having a Bad Day.

Nowhere Man by The Beatles: The abstractness of this song lets me guess at what they are actually talking about.

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson: I like how he realizes that you need to start changing the world by changing yourself. Start small.

American Pie by Don McLean: I first heard this song because someone posted a video to Twitter of the Grand Rapids Libdub. I liked the song, because of the contrast of the upbeat music and singing, despite the sad "Day the Music Died" idea.

Blackbird by The Beatles: A calming song often referring to nature, and the Blackbird's flight in everyone.

Don't Let Go by The Envy

Taking Chances by the Cast of Glee

Keep Holding On by the Cast of Glee: I love the message; don't give in, keep holding on.

I'll Stand by You by the Cast of Glee

Imagine by the Cast of Glee: I like the ideals represented in the song, many of them are very Unitarian values.

Hello by the Cast of Glee: I like the slow, measured piano and the thoughtful lyrics.

Poker Face (Glee Version) by the Cast of Glee: The slow tempo and lyrics contrast with the original very nicely.

Loser Like Me by the Cast of Glee: I'm not very social, and not very cool, but like the song says, "I know one day you'll be screaming my name/and I'll just look away, that's right." Love the line "Push me up against the locker, and all I do is shake it off, I'll get you back when I'm your boss."

Go Your Own Way by the Cast of Glee

Your Song by Elton John

Blackbird by Sarah McLachlan: Cover of "Blackbird" by The Beatles, above.

Boston and St. John's by Great Big Sea: I'm a big fan of Great Big Sea's music, usually for it's energy and the stories in the songs. So I love the sad story in this song.

Sea of No Cares by Great Big Sea

Viva la Vida by Coldplay: Interesting story about a former ruler who was tossed out for some (unmentioned) bad deed. The violins really set the mood for this song. Also heard it performed instrumentally by the school band class.

This playlist is still a work in progress, I may have more songs to add.

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