Friday, May 1, 2009

Holocaust Poem


I recently read the book "Hanna's Suitcase". it is a book about the Holocaust. It inspired me so I wrote this poem.

Shining Stars
A Tribute to Children Holocaust Victims
Just because we wear stars on our chests,
Doesn't mean we're any worse than the best.
Because of Hitler's cruelty,
Light again we'll never see.
If we were to do a sum,
Over one million and one,
Of us children who died because,
Hitler caused a holocaust.
And because of his genocide,
He committed suocide.
And what he did,
He deserved,
Because for the right,
He did not serve.
Just because we wear stars on our chests,
Means that we are with the best.

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Anonymous said...

I congratulate you on your beautiful poem.