Monday, May 18, 2009

The Story about This Story: How I Wrote This


Sorry I was a little late on the post, but here's the story!

The Story about This Story: How I Wrote This

Oh great. My story’s due tomorrow and I haven’t even started. I spent all night on that “Time Machine”: really just a chair with some lights, buttons and dials. A load of junk really. But no time now, my page is still empty. I consider putting “Thanks” on it and paper clipping it to a $5 bill. Reluctantly, I dropped – literally – the idea after my mom told me it was cheating. I thought about the subject “How to write a 1.5 page long story in 2 pages or less”, but it was a flop. I then had an idea. Test the time machine by going forward in time, and pick up the story when it was done, the next day. So I prepared the Time Machine. I had just enough time to be whisked off into the endless space of no time. Although there was hardly anything to go on, I still managed to find tomorrow’s date. Diving in, I found myself sitting next to future self. Realizing someone would notice A, the fact I was in pyjamas, B, the fact there were 2 me’s, and C, the fact I was in a chair, I casually asked the future me if I could see his story. To my horror, he said that he had gone forward in time yesterday to today, and then asked himself if he had a story, and was answered no. I, obviously, had the same thing. Then, someone called out “Hey, look, he has a twin!” I quickly disappeared into no time as the teacher said “What the heck is going on!?” This time, I noticed more about no time. It was really just like a filmstrip of all the days of time. I quickly found the present, or, rather, what the present was, and dove in. Knowing the mission was a failure; I set my alarm for 6:30 AM, and went to bed. When I woke up, I wrote the story. The topic? How I wrote the story, and that’s what you are reading now.


Later, while in the class where I visited yesterday, I saw someone appear next to me. He looked like me, but in my PJ’s. He asked me if he could see my story, and, so I wouldn’t mess with fate, I said “Sorry, I don’t have one” and told him to leave.