Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who Says I Want to Fit In?

Hi again!

I wrote this in November '09 for school and got an A on it as well I entered a poetry contest with it! Enjoy!

“Who Says I Want to Fit In?”
By Casey

I am a computer geek,
I dream of them in my sleep.
My classmates will tease and jeer,
But I accept that I am weird.

I am different than the rest,
The herd turns East, I go West.
But after you see I am weird and odd,
You’ll see the intellectual lighting rod.

From the herd I tend to turn,
Going off, more to learn!
But eventually I come back,
I am helpless without the pack.

Most kids my age pack their own lunch,
But I don’t make what I munch.
My food is made by Dad,
The responsibility would drive me mad!

I’ll explain this to the media,
Look it up on Wikipiedia.
I have Asperger’s you see,
And pretty happy is this Aspie!

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