Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why to try?


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, and this one is late. But this was written in September-October '09. So Enjoy!

Why to Try

Ever heard of getting out what you put in to something? My assignment was to choose between 3 things: being popular, accomplishing things, or being organized. After some thought, I took the side of accomplishing things. In the following paragraphs I will mention the benefits of accomplishing things, as well as then reason to try to do just that. So this is Why to Try!

As I mentioned at the beginning, ever heard of getting out what you put in? In terms of effort and results, I believe this is true. I also think “What comes around goes around” is another good metaphore. These could apply anywhere: school, to get good grades, work, to get to a good paying job, even mundane things like taxes. Put effort in and you’ll find you can save money, time, or work. Speaking in terms of success, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Ever wanted to get popular? What about tidy? I think accomplishing things could help with both. If you are known for good grades, lots of people like someone smart. Now everyone knows my name thanks to my prizes at the science fair! Being organized works both ways: being someone that likes to accomplish things means that you might see it’s worth the effort to put the work in to be tidy. Afterwards, it will also help you accomplish things, a good pay-off in my opinion. If you get to be well-known for accomplishing things, you might find lots of options for the future.

How about a dream job? Being an executive at a big company? Do you thing they put things off? Maybe that’s not your thing. What about being an author. A published writer. You ndon’t get published by writing a page a year! You have to work for it. A singer? You don’t think it’s easy to write a song or sing onstage twice a night do you? They have to work they’re way up the food chain. A better job, a happier life, all arte build on working for things.

I suppose others could have other ideas about what I wrote, but all of this is true, in my opinion. Personnaly, the most important subject I’ve talked about is showing that things take more work than they look. But eventually the hard work will pay off. A dream job, being popular, organized, happier in life. Consider Why to Try

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