Friday, January 21, 2011

The Day the Sky Fell

Today at school, I was swinging my lunchbox around (cue dramatic music).
As it turned out, I let go at the wrong time. Instead of falling toward the ground, or even
down the hall way, it went  ^ instead. As I watched, it hit the drop-roof panal, and came crashing down in a pile of cardboard. Before I knew it, everyone who had seen it had gone downstairs to tell everyone else. . .and were overheard by my science teacher, Dr. Hofmann. I thought I was in big trouble, but Dr. Hofmann brought me (and the broken roof panel, downstairs to show Mr. Oz (our principal). He didn't get me in trouble, and because, luckily, they had extras on hand, I wasn't charged for it either. It could have been worse, I could have flooded the entire school by hitting a "charged"n fire sprinkler. Of course, everyone will be asking about it for a while. . .

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