Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today at my church, a Unitiarian Fellowship, we were talking about prayer. One of the less traditional prayers spoke to me, but it was about god, and I don't believe in god. So I rewrote it to refer to goodness instead. Here's my version:

May goodness be my programmer. May I not crash. May it install it's software to the hard drive of my heart. It's commands are user friendly , it's directory filled only with goodness and love. I browse the domains of life, knowing the anti-virus of good will prevent anything from harming me. It's help menu is a click away. May my folder contain it's files to aid my operation.

I'm also working on an adaptation of "A Bloggers Prayer" that I will also post when done.

Written from my iPod touch.

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Grandmommy said...

What an interesting "prayer"....most inventive! I like your new blog spot and will leave messages from time to time. Tried to Skype you a couple of times this weekend but you weren't on line so maybe we can hook up this week sometime.