Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsunami "Journal"

For my English writing class, I wrote a fictional journal of a survivor of the Tsunami in Japan. It is completely fictional, I have no idea of the atmosphere in Japan right now. The epilogue is set a month from the quake, assuming the waters didn't stop at that point.

March 13th, 2011

After being alerted to the quake, I have started running for my life. I headed for the car, which is packed with enough supplies to last at least a month. That may not be enough however, if I don’t escape the waters, or get poisoned by radiation from a melted-down reactor. The outages have begun, as reactors hastily shut down. I am heading for the hills, literally, before the costal areas are flooded. My family is gone, they were in a skyscraper that was downed by the quake. Where will I go?!

March 14th, 2011

I am still running from the water. The gas is getting lower everyday, and the batteries are draining at an alarming rate. I haven’t seen anyone in at least a day, and I am doomed if I don’t have gas. Not even an athlete could outrun a tsunami. My phone is beginning to die, and has been restricted to emergencies only. Not that it will help if the towers are down. I don’t have anyone to turn to anyway.


A month after the quake, I finally found refuge on mountaintop, with some other survivors. We have pooled our water and supplies, in order to best ration them. About a week ago one of the others went down to see if there was anything left. We haven’t heard from him since them. The water passed recently, and it is unlikely he survived it on foot, with a few day’s worth of supplies.

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